Meditations on Wisdom Jan 29th 2023

Readings 1 Corinthians 1, 28-31

Matthew 5, 1-12

Wisdom. Book 1

I sought wisdom, from my place of privilege, my refuge, my safe space. Wisdom which might carry me beyond where I am, to a place yet unknown, impart some wholeness, some sense of completion, of balance with this troubled world. Instil peace to my searching mind, a peace that other’s might find.

But wisdom was fleeting, like gossamer, caught in the wind, within reach, then torn from my hands, as life’s storm swept relentless through the reaches of time.

I thought I caught a glimpse as I sought knowledge, of strangeness and quarks, of infinite galaxies, of mechanisms and molecules, of the wonders of science and complexity of creation. My mind was filled, beyond my comprehension, yet in all of this, it seemed, wisdom was absent, knowledge misused, nature abused. Facts without purpose.

I thought I heard an echo, perhaps wisdom’s faint call as I shared conversations with those who might know her well. But it seemed her voice was drowned out by the need to be heard, the endless stories of daring exploits, the need to be known, the need to be liked, muffled by self-absorption, drowned out by self-wisdom, self-righteousness, the need to be right, at the expense of the need to listen.

I thought I felt her touch, lightly, like a lover’s caress as I sought those the world thought wise. Those who had sought justice and equality, those who had spoken out for those who could not speak, those who sat in judgement amongst the world’s courts, those who preached brave words against a selfish world. And for a moment I thought I had found her, moved closer to embrace, but found instead a cold world in my arms, where wisdom passed briefly and those who knew her were maimed, were harmed.

Exhausted, I lay down to rest, my seeking done, for in the world she had not been found.

And God spoke “You seek me here” as he showed the wounds, the nails, the spear. The foolishness to die, it seemed in vain, yet wisdom, exquisitely that lives again.

I was seeking, yet was already found, God’s wisdom, a blaze of glory all around, had sought me out, cleared my sight, opened ears, and touched with light.

God’s foolishness, wisdom from above, God’s weakness, the unbreakable strength of love.


Wisdom Book 2

Then Jesus said:

Let’s begin, listen closely as I speak, listen closely, for this is the wisdom you seek.

Blessed are the poor, the mourners, those who are meek.

And the world closed in, for it made no sense, how can the sufferers inherit the earth, take no offence at words that say, the kingdom is theirs, when life drains away, when life is laid bare.

Blessed are the merciful, the peacemakers, the pure, they will see God, know mercy for sure, that’s what he said.

But those I have heard of were shunned, persecuted, those I have known disregarded or dead. And the world closed in further, my mind refused, to compute this upside-down logic, this wisdom he spoke of, the world would refute such systems of justice that focus on mercy, that focus on love.

Blessed are you when people insult you, blessed are you who are persecuted. What wisdom is this, that faith so deep-rooted   can’t fathom the sense when the world is refuted? He offers no further elucidation, love grace and mercy, his sole explanation.

Rejoice and be glad, your reward is in heaven. Can the world understand, can this world believe, can this world ever begin to retrieve that which seems lost, the joy that is found at such terrible cost?

Then Jesus said:

There is more to be heard, more to be spoken.

Wine to be drunk, bread to be broken.

And as we ate, drank wine, shared bread, my peace I leave you, he gently said, not the peace of this earth, peace from above, for wisdom will seek you, seek you in love.

©David Stolton 2023